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I was right...there's a better way!

I was right...there's a better way!

Many of you no longer want to depend on Kindle


And that's a good thing

It's never a good idea to put all your marbles in one place so why put all your books in one app?

Everything we consume, use or do...seems to have the mighty river behind it and somehow...that's just not wise.

That's why I'm no longer exclusive to Amazon and want my readers to find me wherever they shop for reading material including my own ebooks to you. 

However...a few readers have recently contacted me with some confusion about which reading app to use as an alternative to Kindle. There's a plethora of choices our there including BookFunnel, which allows you to purchase direct from me and then to load on any app or their own app. Which made me wonder what was the easiest platform to load on, so I asked them directly and here is what they said.

"In terms of ease of use, in order, it goes: BookFunnel app, Kobo app, NOOK app, Kindle app." - Jaimie, Bookfunnel Support.

There are a few other apps like, iBooks and GooglePlay Books which I think are comparable but were not in her list. I've not heard from customers having issues with these ebook downloads.

So there you have it...easy, and anytime you can become independent of the big're less vulnerable to instant changes.

Additionally, if you ever have problems with your downloads you can contact and they will get you reading on your chosen app in no time.
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Graham's Resolution Box Set


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Graham's Resolution, Book 6, The Wild West


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Dawn of Deception Box Set


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